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Character Challenge


Day 41:

Just having fun with quick and simple shapes. Subtle line work on top of bold shapes is an easy/quick way to add some dimension and interest. 

Day 40:

My little boy is finally old enough to play Nerf guns with me! Toy dart guns are getting outrageous (outrageously fun that is :)! Thought I would do a little comic illustrating the evolution of the toy dart gun over the years. Enjoy! 

Day 39:

I apologize for the delays between characters now. My wife and I are in the middle of packaging and sending out hundreds of copies of our new children’s book, Tatay’s Gift, to our backers. But I did manage to squeeze in a second to draw a little fox friend :)

Day 38:

Space puppies are the best. Just a fun little doodle from this weekend.

Day 37:

Ping pong was a staple at my household growing up. My little brother and I would play for hours on end, and he recently requested I make a ping pong themed t-shirt. This is the design I came up with. 

Day 36:

Playing with backgrounds and colors again. Why are birds so much fun to draw!? 

Day 35:

In today’s illustration concept was king. I didn’t draw out a complete character, but I have had this idea for a kids print or tee for a long time now. I love all the names boys would be called in the in eras like the 50’s and 60’s. Despite having only illustrated six of them, I have a list of plenty more :) And of course, to fit along with the era, I made sure to keep the character and the color palette in a mid-century modern style. 

Would you like to see this as a print or tee? If so, let me know and we can add them to our Brave Shop at Brave the Woods! Thanks.

Day 34:

Been on a Hell on Wheels spree lately, so here is some fan art. For those of you familiar with the show, this gent is Cullen Bohannan. 

Our Interview with Dahlov Ipcar.

Typically I reserve this blog for my character explorations only. But today I thought I would break the rules and share with you all a very special interview I was able to have with the renowned illustrator and painter, Dahlov Ipcar. 

As I have mentioned before, she is one of my favorite illustrators of all time, and you can see why she is a fantastic artist to reference when it comes to illustrating animal forms. So this is relevant :)

Go check out what words of wisdom Dahlov had to share with us from her 96 years of life! Enjoy!

Day 33:

Not sure what brought this on, but it was fun nonetheless. Adding in an environment has been something I have been needing to work on as well.